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Centralized Services

Our Centralized Services allow us to perform maintenance proactively from a central location. It helps us to cut reactive service requests to the Helpdesk team. Overall, it increases efficiency, enhances results, and builds a unique competitive advantage.

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Reactive Service Desk

Our Helpdesk provides a point of contact for issues via phone, email, and RMM alerts. Services are available Mo-Fri 8 am - 6 pm, and on-call on weekends.

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Technology Advisor

Technology Advisor is a resource that serves as a Chief Information Officer for our clients. The role exists to help achieve business goals, manage an IT strategy and budget that meets those goals.

Technology Alignment

The focus of this role is to adopt standards and best practices for your IT environment; it's a true proactive service.We use this role to reduce reactive issues, identify technical risk, and provide long-term planning.

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Professional Services

The role of the Professional Services team is to work on projects like a cloud, server or network upgrade, business application deployment, adding new locations, moving offices between locations and many more!

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